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Dr. Hallervorden

A roguelike about escaping from a mad scientist's lab · By irskep


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7DRL: Done
It's been a very focused week, and at this point I'm too tired to write about it. But here's what I did with my last 24 hours: Fixed bugs, of course Added flavo...
7DRL Day 6: Five maps total, UI improvements, animations
Changes When inspecting armor on an enemy or on the ground, show a comparison against your current armor Play animations for lasers, electricity, flying poo, an...
7DRL Day 5: My First Themed Maps
I now have two distinct levels! Initial Escape The player starts in a cell with a single exit. Items and enemies are in specific places. For items, you'll only...
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7DRL Day 4: Enemy types, map configuration
This morning, I fixed all the bugs I introduced last night when I was too tired to be smart. Then I made a few improvements to the combat and entity status UI...
7DRL Day 3: Combat works
I'm happy enough with my combat system now, and I feel I'll be able to balance it effectively. The early game will focus on physical damage, and the late game w...
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7DRL Day 2: Equipment, Combat (almost)
Yesterday I designed my first RPG combat system. It was hell. I'm really worried that I won't be able to make a balanced game out of it by Saturday even though...
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7DRL day 1: Items
The map is littered with items and randomly moving mobs The player may pick up, equip, unequip, and drop weapons 14 types of weapons with name, description, and...
Preparation for Dr. Hallervorden
I'm unemployed all of March (on purpose!), so I'm going to have a solid 168 hours minus sleep to make a game for 7DRL. Swift is my most productive language, but...
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I'm sure there are things I missed. :-)
started by irskep Mar 15, 2018
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